Tempo Forte has been set forth on the First Intergovernmental Meeting
between Italy and Greece on the 14th of September 2017 in Corfu’.

Tempo Forte describes a prolific momentum
in which initiatives of particular significance will take place in all sectors
of the cultural relationships between Italy and Greece.

Besides, Tempo Forte is
conceived as a “working method” that aims at creating an inclusive
network of Italian and Greek relevant cultural actors, interested in
deepening the cultural ties between Italy and Greece.

The evolution
of Tempo Forte, as imagined by its promoters, is the setting up of a
structured and long-lasting collaboration among all the interested actors.

Tempo Forte aims at going beyond the relations between the two capitals,
Athens and Rome, reaching out every corner of both Countries and
promoting the participation of a wider public.

The balance between thevarious cultural fields – from Heritage to Contemporary,

from the Past to the Future – inspires the whole project.

We are proud of the Tempo Forte logo, designed by the students of the
Italian School of Athens, which gives the idea of a partnership with no


-> You can find belowe, the link to the Italian Embassy website for the complete program of the Festival<-