REBUILDING BEIRUT and the Economic Development of LEBANON
Solidarity, Works & Business Cooperation
16th to 18th of September 2021

Economic Development of LEBANON is jointly organized by the IMC EXPO CENTRE,
the Euro-Mediterranean Trade, Distribution and Services Initiative (EURO-MED
TDS), the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in
Lebanon, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut and Mount
Lebanon and the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK).
The event which will be held online, is an expression of the international solidarity
towards Lebanon and a practical tool to assist the efforts to rebuild Beirut and contribute towards the economic development of Lebanon.

International Organisations, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the IMF, relevant institutions of the European Union, as
well as Academic Institutions, think-tanks, Private Banks and Financial Institutions are
expected to attend and contribute their expertise in the proceedings.
It is important to underline the participation of EURO-MED TDS as a co-organiser of the
event. The Ngo operates under the patronage of the European Commission and Council,
with the aim to promote and develop the cooperation between the European
Mediterranean Countries and the rest of the countries of the Mediterranean and the Near
East. Its membership includes National Chambers of Commerce and Federations of
Entrepreneurs of the countries of the Euro Mediterranean Region. An active member is
the Federation of the Chambers Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Lebanon.
In addition to the companies from the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region, the
organizers will also invite companies and organizations from all over the world including
the U.S.A., Russia and China.

The devastating explosion at the Beirut Harbour on the 4th of August 2020, left more
than 220 dead, 6,500 injured, around 300,000 homeless. More than 8,000 buildings and
many infrastructures were totally destroyed, including the port of Beirut. The cost of
rebuilding Beirut (including direct and indirect costs) is estimated to be in the
region of US ($) 15 billion.
This catastrophe couldn’t have come at a worse time for Lebanon, amidst a prolonged
economic crisis, which has led to the devaluation of the currency, high inflation and
unemployment as well as the challenges of dealing with the consequences of the
COVID-19 pandemic.
The main purpose of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION “REBUILDING BEIRUT” and the Economic Development of LEBANON, is to set conditions
for a constructive dialogue between Public and Private actors of the reconstruction,
setting a digital space for an international dialogue of solidarity and businesses in favour
of Beirut and Lebanon.
The event will develop and produce practical and tangible benefits for the Lebanese
environment and for all the stakeholders interested in the reconstruction and economic
development efforts, bringing together Lebanese Businessmen, Associations and
Government officials, together with solution providers, consultants, architects, engineers,
developers, manufacturers, equipment and raw material suppliers as well as financiers
and financial institutions from all over the world. In fact, the Lebanese Businessmen and
Managers will have the opportunity, under one roof, to open fruitful dialogues
with foreign companies and officials and conclude deals with suppliers of products,
technologies and providers of financial services.

“REBUILDING BEIRUT And the Economic Development Of LEBANON” includes four
main activities:
• An International Conference
• Tailor made Workshops
• Exhibition
• B2B individual meetings.
The above four will provide participants with extensive knowledge of the Lebanese
situation, create a framework for a dialogue aiming at generating concrete business
opportunities and express the solidarity of the International community towards the
Lebanese people.
• In the COVID-19 era, with travelling and social distancing limitations, virtual
events are the only effective alternative in bringing together in a risk free and
user-friendly environment speakers, observers, participant, cooperators, NGOs,
buyers and sellers interested in Lebanon
• The participation is 950% cheaper than in a physical exhibition. No travelling
and accommodation costs, no transportation costs for samples, no construction
costs for pavilions, no wasted time
• The digital environment provides a framework for more personal, and unlimited
targeted meetings, it offers live online conferences and livestreams for large
numbers of participants, brings more visitors than a physical exhibition, increases
engagement with high networking and business meetings
• Provides detailed analytics for all contacts and all leads that visited the
The Ceremonial Opening will be held on Thursday, 16th September afternoon, in the
presence of Lebanese and International Dignitaries.
The plenary sessions will include presentations from distinguished speakers, government
officials, international organisation representatives and business and professional leaders.
The provisional program includes topics such as:
• Lebanese Government and Officials Anticipations on Reconstruction Priorities
and needs
• International Organizations Decisions and perspective
• Public and Private Finance for reconstructions analysis
• Lebanese Blueprint and Scenarios
Access to the Conference and Workshops is free of charge with a simple online
The second day of the event will include a number of Special Interest Workshops and
interactive group sessions. The list below will be finalized after consultations between
the organizers and their strategic partners, the interested country government officials,
public policy decision makers, leading representatives of key sectors of economic
activity and leaders from a variety of business organisations and associations.

• Workshop 1: Public Housing, Building and Infrastructures
• Workshop 2: Building Technologies and New Materials
• Workshop 3: Smart Cities, Technologies and Services
• Workshop 4: Environment, Energy and Water Supply
• Workshop 5: Investing in Lebanon
• Workshop 6: Medical and Pharmaceuticals
• Workshop 7: Domestic Household Appliances, Housing and Interiors
• Workshop 8: Agricultural Development, New Trends and Equipment
• Workshop 9: ICT and Telecommunications
• Workshop 10: Private and Public Transport
• Workshop 11: Banking and Financial Services
• Workshop 12: Education, Training and Business Consulting

The Exhibitions aims at bringing together Traders, Contractors, Suppliers and other
businessmen and professionals from Lebanon and Overseas interested to participate in
Lebanon’s huge reconstruction programme, offering to them a unique opportunity to
display their products and services.
5The Exhibition is organized to serve as a catalyst for buyers and solution providers in
search of challenging opportunities. It will also serve as a platform for the forging of
business alliances between investors, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and
professional services providers not only for major reconstruction projects but also for
establishing business and trade collaborations.
Exhibitors will have an exceptional opportunity to meet buyers and decision makers
from Lebanon from both the private and public sectors. They will meet with officials and
contractors involved hands-on with reconstruction projects.
The official days of the exhibition are between the 16th and 18th of September. The
Pavilions will remain live however from the 1st until the 30th of September, to enable as
many visitors as possible to view the exhibition.
Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet live with visitors utilizing the platforms
powerful communication facilities.

• Variety of booth designs to choose from
• User friendly functionality to showcase the exhibitors’ company, products and
services with videos, brochures, leaflets and other PDF documents
• Link to the exhibitor’s website
• Communication capabilities enabling business networking with other visitors
and exhibitors either in real time or offline with various tools such as chat
or video.
• Visitors can book an appointment or use an advanced matchmaking facility
• Visitors can add the exhibitor’s booth in their “Favorites” so they can visit it
• Visitors can collect promotional material, such as business cards, brochures, etc.
and add them in their briefcase for later use.
• Exhibitors can get real time and detailed information about visitors through the
Smart Analytics Dashboard.
• Visitors can be welcomed to the pavilion with an avatar with your own audio
• Building Contractors
• Construction Technology,
Building Materials, Fixtures &
Fittings, Interior and
Finishing Materials

• Electricity, Power Generation & Distribution
• Environmental Technology
• Communications systems
• Lighting
• Air-conditioning, Heating & Ventilation• Computer & Information Technology
• Home, Office & Hotel Equipment suppliers
• Consulting and training services
• Planning & project management consultants
• Architects & Engineers
• Surveyors, town planners, Environmentalists
• Telecommunications and IT consultants
• Agricultural Products
• Accountants, Lawyers and Consultants

The conference has not requested any public funding. It is totally funded thanks to the
Investment of the organisers and the support of partners, exhibitors and sponsors.
Exhibitors: €950 plus VAT.
In addition to their dynamic online pavilions exhibitors will have free access to the
conference, workshops as well as extensive opportunities for live B2B business networking.
Platinum Exhibitors: €2,500 plus VAT.
Further to all the benefits of normal exhibitors, Platinum Exhibitors will have their logos
displayed in the conference lobby and auditorium which will be linked with their pavilions.
• Banking and Financial Institutions
• Hoteliers
• Corporate buyers
• Importers and Traders
• Distributors and Wholesalers
• Tourism and hospitality
• Educational Institutions
• Professional Associations and
• Municipalities and Local GovernmentsSPONSORS
A number of sponsorship packages are available for public and private sector companies
and organisations who see this as a valuable marketing opportunity to project their
image and promote their products and services.
Details of the Sponsorship packages are available from the organisers upon request.
The Event shall be promoted to both, local and overseas potential visitors and exhibitors
with a combination of above and below-the-line tools, including the currently upgraded,
pioneering EXPO-ONLINE Global Network.
Furthermore, the Event shall be promoted through personalized invitations and circulars
by all the cooperating organisations, from Lebanon and the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

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